inground spaBlue Lagoons has years of experience as the Piedmont Triad’s premier inground pool builder. But some of our clients don’t know or haven’t considered what an inground spa can add to their backyard experience. In fact, adding a spa offers considerable benefits, and when challenges and questions arise, Blue Lagoons knows how to deal with them! Today, we’ll explore why many of our clients are adding spas, and how we give them an exceptional experience.

The Benefits of an Inground Spa

  • Relaxation: Everyone needs a little time to relax. However, a key component of relaxation is pampering your body and giving it some love. For that reason, TV and the couch often won’t cut it! Try some warm, bubbling jets and a beautiful backyard view — now that’s more like it!
  • Entertaining: Friends and family love to hang out in the pool, so give them even more fun with a spa! It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and a great place to hang out, whether it’s family fun or a grown-up cocktail hour.
  • Backyard Aesthetics: A pool is an incredible aesthetic addition to a backyard, so think about completing the package!
  • Added Property Value: When it is time to sell your property, you will get a better return on your investment.

Why a Spa and Not a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs remain highly popular, and they’re certainly a great way to relax. However, adding a Blue Lagoons spa offers several key advantages over a hot tub:

  • Customization: This is the key advantage of a spa over a hot tub. With a custom spa from Blue Lagoons, your imagination can run wild. We build your spa to your specifications, no restrictions on shape, size or depth.
  • Aesthetics: Blue Lagoons specializes in creating inground spas that harmonize with the aesthetics of your pool. You can make a hot tub setup look great, but it will never offer the beauty of an inground spa.
  • Accessibility: For older adults, the high walls of a hot tub can make it tough to get in and out. A spa allows people of any age to comfortably ease themselves in.

If you see your spa as an integral part of your home and outdoors, inground is the way to go! And if you’ve got concerns, Blue Lagoons is here to set your mind at ease.

How We Address Common Issues with Inground Spa Construction

Many clients have concerns about constructing a spa, but Blue Lagoons has the expertise and knowledge to address them! Here are a few common concerns:

  • Can Blue Lagoons add a spa to an existing pool? Yes! This is a common question about spas, and many clients don’t know that we can do this. If there’s room for a spa next to your pool, we can install one. Plus, we can use our extensive customization capabilities to make it match your existing pool!
  • It was already a headache to get permits for my pool; do I have to do it again? Blue Lagoons handles all aspects of the pool installation process, including permitting. Save the hassle of dealing with your HOA or local government and leave it to us!
  • I’m concerned about noise, dust, and the health of my property. Our crews are the ultimate professionals. We treat all of our clients’ homes and yards as if they were our own. Clean-up is prompt and complete.

If you’ve been considering adding a custom spa — why wait any longer? Blue Lagoons is ready to start on your custom inground spa project today! Look at some of our completed projects to get some ideas for your own oasis. Then, call us at 336-940-5500 to begin with a free consultation and see why we’re the Triad’s favorite pool builder.