There is more to enjoying your outdoor area than having beautiful landscaping. There is an increase lately in the use of hardscapes. These additional outdoor living features provide function and aesthetics that add to the enjoyment of your property.

Hardscapes are becoming more popular now that we are making our homes into a retreat from all of the outside activities. Every family has a tight schedule and life sometimes becomes chaotic. At the end of the day, we look forward to relaxing in our own retreat and spending quality time with family and friends.

Living in North Carolina also allows us to extend the outdoor entertainment season with longer periods of mild weather.

Adding elements that allow us to relax, entertain or just gather for a family meal while enjoying the fresh air, has become a trend. Blue Lagoons has long been a source for creating outdoor focal points. These enhancements to your property can range from a small fire pit to an entire, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen.

Some of the popular hardscape features that we offer include:


Having a fire pit is the first thing that people think of when deciding that they want to spend more time outside with friends. There is something basic in our nature that causes us to relax when sitting around a fire with friends. It may go back to basic instincts, or it just may be the memories of toasting marshmallows as children. There seems to be an automatic decline in stress when we are in that situation.


Having your own outdoor pizza oven or fireplace can take outdoor cooking to a whole new level! Blue Lagoons has created many outdoor cooking areas that continue to bring happy memories and experiences to families. Anyone can cook hamburgers on a grill, but imagine making your own pizza or other goodies in an outdoor oven or cooking over a fireplace!


A really unique element that immediately adds drama to your property is any water feature. Having your very own waterfall, fountain, pond or cascading water wall would make you the envy of your neighborhood! Imagine reading a book while relaxing on your patio listening to the sound of a waterfall. Having a koi pond will intrigue both dinner guests and children alike.


Having a gazebo is a romantic addition to any property. Designed to complement the architectural style of your home, it can provide a shady spot in which to read or just enjoy the view of your garden. Wouldn’t you love to entertain friends with tea in your garden, sitting in your gazebo?


The ultimate in enjoying outdoor living, is to have an outdoor kitchen. This brings the chore of cooking outside so that it is more relaxed. The cook spends more time with guests and the actual cooking becomes a group activity! Somehow, it is more fun to prepare food with your friends and family outdoors! Everyone pitches in and your entertainment space expands. Guests aren’t afraid of spilling something and everyone is comfortable.

The outdoor kitchen can encompass many configurations. It can be created in various sizes, depending upon your budget and your requirements for the space. Blue Lagoons has designed areas ranging from a patio with a dining area to a fully-equipped kitchen with all appliances.

All of these outdoor living options are customized to your family’s needs and your budget. Our experienced designers and installers will work with you to create a unique element that will enhance the pleasure, function and value of your property.