inground spa designsFeeling overwhelmed with work, tasks and the daily grind? Then, let your mind wander a bit to a peaceful place. Thinking about inground spa designs is a great way to start. In fact, the ever-churning imaginations at Blue Lagoons venture there often. So, let’s take the journey together. We promise, it will be a delightful one!

Choosing the Best Inground Spa Designs

Inground spa designs come with a myriad of features and options. At first, narrowing them down can feel a little overwhelming. But, it can be extremely enjoyable as well. Letting your imagination run a little wild is half the fun.

Initially, think about how you wish to use your spa. Is it for relaxation? Or, will you use it primarily for exercise. Perhaps, you simply wish to add variety to your outdoor ambiance. Either way, the door to your dreams is wide open.

Next, consider how many other folks may be using your spa. Maybe, you’re looking to expand space for your social events. If so, a larger spa is probably your best bet. Then again, you may be hoping to relax with a select few loved ones. Or, you envision yourself floating around with only your thoughts and the stars hovering above you. We can help you make it picture perfect, whatever design you choose.

Finally, think about what would flow best in your outdoor area. Don’t worry if your mind comes up blank. After all, that’s why we’re here. Not only will an inground spa add value to your lifestyle, it increases your home’s value. Therefore, we are vigilant in ensuring that your new spa blends naturally into existing structures.

Selecting the Best Options and Features

So, as we consider your needs in your FREE consultation, we will develop the best plan together. First, our expert designers at Blue Lagoons listen to your desires. Then, our professional team examines your property and determines the best inground spa designs to complement it. Upon completion of this process, our licensed engineers work in tandem with our designers. Ultimately, their partnership of ideas ensures that your personal oasis blends seamlessly with your lifestyle. And, of course, that it reflects your personality.

Finally, let’s get to the really fun part—features and options! Some of our customer favorites include:

  • Swim spas – perfectly positioned jets simulate a current for swimming or exercise
  • Recessed colored lighting – gentle glowing waters enhance your backyard ambiance
  • Waterfall features – cascades of warm water flow over rocks or other features
  • Underwater speakers – sounds sooth you above and below the water line
  • Lounging areas – built-in seats and reclining features help you relax in comfort
  • Multiple jets – bubbles and jets massage you into relaxation
  • Fire and water features – flickering light reflects on water as the stars twinkle above

If a feature that you seek isn’t on our list, tell us. We enjoy the challenge of bringing your dreams to reality! Today, contact us for your free consultation!