inground poolsAn inground swimming pool can make your landscaping shine. In actuality, the right custom pool will help you create a garden oasis. Blue Lagoons Custom Pools and Spas is one of the premier pool designers in the Winston-Salem area. Look through our gallery to see some of our inground pools – the next one could be yours! Now, here are five options to consider when installing a new pool.

Lighting for Inground Pools

You may use your new pool primarily during the day. However, with the right lighting, your pool will be available for use at night as well. Also, remember that custom lighting solutions can drastically change the look and feel of your landscaping.

If you love the dramatic look, up-lighting around trees and bushes adds brightness with style. Also, you can highlight some of your favorite trees or other plants this way.

Another lighting option for inground pools is the use of colored lights. In fact, colors add another amazing dimension to your poolside area or under the water.

Water Features

What could be more beautiful than a natural water feature such as a waterfall? Moreover, you can also consider fountains, rain curtains, and more to make a big splash with your pool!

Additionally, water features such as bubblers and sconces can give your pool a unique look. Check out even more water feature ideas with these 50 spectacular swimming pools.

Adding a Pool Sundeck

Generally speaking, you’ll want to be able to sit near your pool to enjoy the sun. Therefore, a gorgeous deck is not only an option for added aesthetics, but is also functional.

Pool decks come in a variety of materials, such as concrete and wood. You can opt to have your deck attached to the pool or set away from the pool. Some homeowners like a deck that runs around the enter circumference. On the other hand, you can have a deck in just one area.

Plant Life Around Your Pool

Of course, adding plants around your pool can really highlight it and create the look you want. A custom mix of trees, bushes, and flowering plants works best.

In the background, you’ll want taller trees that provide privacy. Closer to your pool, you’ll want smaller plants. Remember, some plants will look great all year, while others do not. Think about how your yard will look all year, and choose a variety of different plants.

Pool Placement

Finally, pool placement can make a big difference in the look of your yard. Your pool does not need to be right in the middle of your yard. In fact, inground pools often look best when set to one side. The Blue Lagoons experts will help you make sure that you meet local ordinances regarding placement.

We have the experience to help you determine the perfect pool for your property and your budget. To speak with an expert, call us today at 336-940-5500 or contact us via email.