inground pool designsOf course, having a custom pool built on your property opens up a variety of fun-filled options! Blue Lagoons can design and build you a pool that will be ideal for everyone in your home. Well thought-out inground pool designs is exactly what you need when you want to make the entire family happy!

First Steps toward Your Dream Pool

First, you must decide on the function of the pool. Blue Lagoons will design a custom pool for your exact needs and wants. If you have children, they can add a separate kiddie pool area. They can design it for individuals interested in swimming laps for exercise. In addition, they can accommodate most any pool size.

Next, comes deciding on the budget for your new pool design. The experts at Blue Lagoons will review your pool requirements and the location. Then, they will show you the pool dreams you can achieve within that budget.

If you desire a pool that is uniquely shaped and will last for years, then you need concrete pool construction. There are no size or depth restrictions with concrete. Therefore, you can create just about any pool design you desire. Even better, it can withstand extreme temperatures and it is easy to repair.

Reasons the Entire Family Will Love These Pools

There are multiple fun and beneficial features that you can add to your pool design. Lighting is one of the most popular add-ons to a pool interior and exterior. Lights can enhance nighttime swimming, add ambiance and bring more fun to a pool party. Pool lights can be as simple as plain white lights or you can have multiple color choices. Lighting the area around the pool can make it feel like it is still daytime. In addition, up-lighting on trees and surrounding structures add depth to the area.

Another consideration, how nice would it be to relax sore muscles at the end of a tough work day or workout? Blue Lagoons can design an area carved out specifically for a spa. A spa is ideal for entertaining and relaxing. They can build these spas to seat a group of friends or make it a smaller, more intimate size.

Water features added to your pool can be enjoyable for all. Waterfalls are beautiful and add a tranquil quality. On the other hand, kids will love swimming around and under them.

A sundeck is perfect for anyone who loves sunbathing. They get to enjoy the warmth of the sunrays while surrounded by water.

Blue Lagoons Knows Inground Pool Designs

For almost a decade, Blue Lagoons has been designing and building custom pools for Triad residents. Their ability to listen to their customer’s needs and wants, then turn it into reality is what sets them apart. One look at their past inground pool designs projects will entice anyone considering a pool to dive in! Today, contact their talented staff to start your dream pool.