There is a major benefit to living in North Carolina…the ability to enjoy the outdoors for most months of the year in our custom pools.

Deciding to build a custom in-ground pool on your property will make those extra days even more enjoyable for your friends and family. You are taking your outdoor activity to a whole new level! In addition to making a dream come true, you will enjoy the health benefits of the exercise it will provide.

You will also elevate your entertainment capability, so that you no longer have to contain your party to a patio or indoor space. A custom pool provides the setting for a large group to have fun and just enjoy the time together.

It also offers a private place where you can enjoy a swim at any time of the day or night. Who wouldn’t love to come home at the end of a tough day and just jump into crystal-clear water? Your stress level will decrease in minutes and you will be relaxed for the rest of the evening.

There are opportunities to enjoy your custom pool every day. A swim early in the morning to start the day with healthy exercise, a fun time with the kids in the afternoon, or a refreshing dip after completing those weekend chores. Any time is a good time for a relaxing swim.

Once you have made the decision to have a custom pool installed, you have to make some decisions.

At Blue Lagoons, we have experienced engineers and designers who will work with you to create the perfect oasis based upon your requirements. We listen to your dreams and make them a reality.


You need to think about the type of pool you need, which is based upon the main use of the pool. Is it going to be used for swimming laps or entertaining groups? Will you need a large concrete area around the pool? If you have small children, do you want a separate children’s pool area?


Where on your property will the pool be situated? Take into consideration the natural grading of the property, trees, distance from the house and zoning requirements.


Other decisions will be easier when you know what you expect to spend on the project. You will be able to determine whether you want specialty lighting, imported tile trim, automated cleaning equipment and other features.


  • Easy to customize and design in any shape or size
  • Long life
  • No size or depth restrictions
  • Withstands extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Easy to repair chips or cracks


A custom pool on your property allows you to add features that either provide more entertainment, offer automated solutions for maintenance or enhance the ambiance.

Lighting – a custom pool area is available for use 24 hours a day. If you want to enhance the night-time swim experience, there are many lighting options. Colored lights underwater or poolside lights to bring a daylight brightness are some of the choices. Up-lighting of surrounding trees or gardens add a touch of drama to the area.

Waterfalls – another fun option is a waterfall under which swimmers can feel as though they are in a setting provided by Mother Nature.

Spa – an area of the pool can be carved out to be used as a spa, with jets to sooth away those muscle aches. This area can accommodate a group and serve as a relaxing place to enjoy after active sports activity in the pool.

Sundeck – a pool isn’t always about swimming. At times, in between swims, it’s great to have an area in which to sunbathe and just enjoy being near the water, but able to work on a tan.

Automated Maintenance – there are options available for cutting-edge equipment that will use robotic features to handle the chemical treatment of the water and also clean the walls and floor of the pool.