Having a custom pool on your property provides you, your family and your friends with more than a private entertainment area. The exercise benefits that you achieve lead to a healthier body and a happier life.

These benefits are increased dramatically if your pool is accompanied by a spa area. In fact, custom pools and spas are becoming desired features by home buyers. Adding them will make your property more valuable and allow you to enjoy them until the time comes to sell. You will then reap the increase in your investment.

Adding a spa to your custom pool enhances the value and the health benefits. After swimming, a tough day or physical activity, there is nothing more relaxing than stepping into your personal spa. You can enjoy the soothing jets and allow them to massage your aching muscles and joints. There are also medical benefits to hydrotherapy. It is the perfect setting to provide relief from stress. Just getting away from electronics for a period of time can become a personal goal at the end of the day.


You can create a spa area to accommodate any size group. After a long day, it can be your personal retreat. When relaxing with friends, it is an informal way to socialize. The entire family enjoys the benefits of custom pools and spas.

There are many options available to enhance your spa experience. In addition to the massage provided by various configurations of jets, you can add surround-sound. Mood lighting above and below water and temperature adjustments all combine to add to your comfort level.


There are many homes with custom pools, but adding a spa to the area takes the investment to a new level. You are adding value to your property, while providing many benefits to your family while you are enjoying your home.


Of course, custom spas can expand into wider, deeper models that provide a swimming option. These swim spas provide controlled water flow to allow consistent long-distance swimming, without turning around.

Swimming is the most effective low-impact exercise for your body. With custom pools and spas, your home can become your fitness center. You can swim, relax, entertain and sun in complete privacy. An oasis that is available to your family at any time is a valuable asset. Life today is hectic, busy, sometimes chaotic and there are constant intrusions from our electronics and our many obligations. A custom pool with a spa area is the best investment you can make in your family’s health…both physical and mental.

Blue Lagoons has experts who will help you create the perfect custom pool and/or spa for your unique location and needs.