custom pools and spaEarth. Water. Air. And, fire. Do those words in unison bring you peaceful thoughts? If they do, you’re not alone. At one time, they were the very basic elements that the ancient Greeks considered the cornerstone of existence itself. In fact, Shakespeare incorporated this philosophy into his plays. Although, the concept gets somewhat complicated as you delve into his works, desire to surround yourself in each is not. In fact, yearning for custom pools and spa fits right into the entire concept.

Custom Pools and Spa Design Ideas

When thinking about a custom swimming pool for your backyard, you may have a general idea of what you want. Obviously, the first two elements are part of it. After all, an in-ground pool involves water features buried in the earth.

However, custom pools and spa design are so much more than that. Your swimming pool is just the beginning. First, consider the overall shape of your in-ground pool area. Do you wish to have a traditional rectangle? Or, would you prefer a design that flows with the earth? Better yet, opt for a plan that flows within your existing landscape.

Then, after determining the best shape for your swimming pool layout, contemplate other water features that enhance your outdoor space. For example, a waterfall cascading among rocks adds a peaceful ambiance. Similarly, include another relaxing and useful feature and accompany your swimming pool with a spa.

A concrete pool allows you to bring your dream design to reality. Working with concrete means that there is no limit to the depth, size or shape of your pool. Additionally, it is easy to repair and maintain. Also, it stands up well against all of Mother Nature’s elements.

Once you decide on the focal points, think about how to best highlight them. Ultimately, this is where the element of fire comes into play. Correspondingly, you can use this literally with features that include flames such as a fire pit. Or, you can imitate the glow with ingeniously placed lighting. Create an old world feel with flickering gas lamps. Conversely, let the earth glow from within by using recessed lighting.

How to Turn Your Vision into Your Backyard Oasis

Once your mind begins wandering among all the fabulous design options, it often veers to price as well. How much do pools cost? The answer depends on what you want. First, it’s helpful to create a general idea in your head. Then, you should examine your budget.

Next, contact a professional contractor with proven experience. As a matter of fact, you’ve already found one if you live in the Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville or Mocksville areas! For nearly 10 years and counting, we at Blue Lagoons continue to serve the Piedmont Triad with our custom designs.

Not only can we help stay within your budget, our team of designers will walk you through all our fabulous options. Browse through our gallery to get ideas from some of our completed projects. Furthermore, our licensed engineers will construct your vision to precisely match the architecture of your existing property. With hands-on monitoring during every phase, our customer service is unmatched in the industry. By choosing a local company, you know that we will always be available for future projects or enhancements.

So, let us help you go outside. Get some air. Touch the earth. And, relax by fire and light in your backyard oasis! Today, contact us for a free consultation and quote!