Blue Lagoons pools and spasIt’s not surprising that exercise has health benefits. Obviously, pools are a fun way to get bodies moving. But, did you know that relaxation has similar advantages? Evidence suggests that deep relaxation decreases blood pressure and improves your immune and cardiovascular system. Additionally, allowing your body to unwind can relieve pain and anxiety. Now, Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas has great ideas to help you do all that!

For nearly 10 years, Blue Lagoons has made dreams a reality for Triad homeowners. Together with creative designers and licensed engineers, we create poolscapes that blend seamlessly with existing architecture.

Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas Offers Three Major Elements to Improve Your Property and Enhance Your Lifestyle

Custom Pools

In addition to providing fantastic exercise and relaxation opportunities, custom pools elevate entertainment options. Whether hosting a large group or enjoying quality time with a select few, pools enhance fun for everyone. For the perfect oasis, consider a few things.

First, what is the pool’s primary function? For example, will you be swimming laps or more likely lounging among waterfalls? Or, a little bit of both! Second, Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas helps you choose the best location for your pool. Natural grading and zoning requirements are just a few of the things playing a part in that decision. But, don’t worry, that’s one of our many areas of expertise! Third, think about your budget. Knowing what you wish to spend helps you choose from all the fun options, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Waterfalls
  • Spa
  • Sundeck
  • Automated Maintenance

Custom Spas

Equally important, if you’re considering a pool to enrich relaxation and entertainment options, is a spa. Coupled with a pool, it does both. Plus, these features increase the value of your investment.

Similar to a pool, choose from enjoyable options. First, surround yourself with strategically placed massaging jets. Additionally, immerse yourself in music with speakers—above and beneath the surface. Better yet, opt for mood lighting that glows from within the warm, bubbly waters! Furthermore, consider a swim spa. With a design allowing you to swim in place, they are perfect for smaller areas.

Outdoor Living

Speaking of entertaining, Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas has long been a source for creating outdoor focal points. Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville and Mocksville residents have enjoyed the results for many years. So, get out, relish our mild Piedmont weather and enjoy some of our favorite creations!

  • Fire Pit – Roast marshmallows, sing camp songs or just sit and relax around gentle flames.
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven/Fireplace – Take cooking and leisure time to a whole new level!
  • Water Features – Add ambiance to your patio with a waterfall, pond or cascading water wall.
  • Gazebo – Complement the architectural style of your home with a shady spot.
  • Outdoor Kitchen – Prepare food with friends and family outdoors.

So, no matter what you choose, Blue Lagoons and Spas looks forward to transforming your dreams into reality! Today, request your free consultation and get that much closer to enjoying your enhanced outdoor world!