inground pools Winston Salem NCImagining summer creates beautiful pictures of outdoor activities. Peaceful porch-sitting while the kids play outside is perfect. However, when it’s 90-100° outside, all you want to do is cool yourself off! Families are turning their porch-sitting into sunbathing on the pool deck. How you may ask? By adding custom inground pools Winston Salem NC designed by Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas.

Superior Custom Inground Pools Winston Salem NC

In business for almost ten years, Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas have established a high-quality reputation. First, they are a local company meaning that you will get excellent customer service. The designers work hand-in-hand with their customers through each step of the process.

Second, they established their reputation by their dedication to detail when building custom inground pools. The company uses concrete building materials for their pools. This allows for the pools to be any size or shape. Your yard’s shape or grade will not stop you from getting an amazing pool.

Third, not only can they can construct your pool, but they will also build you a sundeck. Instead of sitting on the porch in your rocking chair you can be lounging by the pool in your bathing suit. When you get too hot, just dive in for a quick refresher. No need for the beach when you can do all your sun bathing at home! Think of the money you’ll save!

Furthermore, Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas offers many other design features. These include depth, lighting, spas, and waterfalls. Shallow or deep, cascading waterfall or spa jets – there are so many choices. Your pool can be as creative as your imagination!

If the thought of so many options makes you nervous, don’t worry! You can review some of their past work in their gallery to get some ideas flowing. Then, you’ll be ready for your pool consultation with the designer.

A Pool Makes EVERYONE Happy

Parents often add pools to their home primarily for the kids. Of course, kids love the pool. They can swim, play, dive, jump, and so many other things. Pool parties are joyous occasions for any kid!

On the other hand, pools can be just as amazing for adults. For example, you can use it as a way to get some exercise. Grab a morning swim for some exercise before you head to the office. Swim a few laps right before bed. The gym isn’t as refreshing as an inground pool!

Furthermore, pools are incredibly relaxing! Use your pool as the neighborhood hang-out for your friends after the kids are in bed. Enjoy a glass of wine in the spa before you head in for the night. Let the water wash your cares away!

An Inground Pool Makes Your Summer Perfect

Blue Lagoons Pools and Spas is ready to improve your summer! Their experience with designing inground pools Winston Salem NC makes them the best choice to build your dream pool. Today, contact them at 336-940-5500 for your free consultation. Your summer will thank you!